I Am Under 16 And Am Looking For A Job That Has Fair Pay, The Working Period Between 5 - 7 Pm, Is In Pitsea/Basildon And Is Close To Home ! Can You Help ?


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At about 16 years of age, you may be a little young for many jobs, so if you are really interested in some type of employment, you may find that you will have to be more flexible. If you will only be able to work for a couple of hours each day (I assume that you mean 5pm to 7pm), then your best option is to look for child minder, or babysitting work in your neighbourhood. A good way to go about doing this is to look up families in your neighbourhood with young children and ask them if they would need a babysitter. You may be surprised to find that many parents are, indeed, thrilled when they can find a reliable person to care for their children, and you will probably be asked to provide this service on a regular basis. Even if you only work a few hours at a time, there is a good opportunity to make a decent extra income.

If you are willing to be a little more flexible with your availabilities, you may be able to find work at a fast-food restaurant, as these often hire high school students ages 16 and above. But whatever jobs you do find, I would really encourage you to keep your focus on your studies. You will find that good grades will pay much higher dividends in the long run than any job you could take on at this point.
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If you go to local restaurants...they will hire you under the table as a bus boy/girl. But you'd have to work from 5-closing. Which would be about 9?

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