Does Buying Fair Trade Products Really Help Poor People?


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Farmers around the world are often poor because the market price for their products has fallen to less than the cost of producing the goods or to a level which allows them to make insufficient profit from their labour. In rich countries agricultural subsidies protect many farming families from extreme poverty but the same grants are not available worldwide. For example, when coffee farmers experience a drop in the world market price for coffee they have no choice but to sell their beans at a price which may not cover the cost of production let alone provide a living. Buying products which are backed by a scheme which guarantees they have been produced under fair trade rules ensures that the producers are getting a fair price for their product. This will not always mean more than market prices as market prices go up and down but it will mean they are able to invest more in their families, businesses and communities. Fair trade schemes can be quite complicated but the rules are transparent and any organization backing a labelling system, such as the Fairtrade Foundation, will be happy to share information with you to reassure you that your purchase will make a positive difference.
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Yes it does really help poor people because their having to put their prices down but now we have the fair trade foundation they don't need to worry about that.

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