What Are The Consequenses,Advantages,disadvantages Of Diversity, Ethics To An Organization ?


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In a Multinational enterprise the employees are normally from a diverse background. This diversity can bring about several advantages and disadvantages. The key disadvantages is that people refrain from working together, People have problem in socializing, the cultural and social norms is diverse so there would be problems in communication. On the other hand the advantages are that it creates competition, employees have the opportunity to communicate and socialize with each other.
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at Aicha:
you r almost on the track on answering this question , but i wanna ask you, can you tell me more of the advantages and disadvantages ??
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In our current global economy and society, diversity is an essential part to our lives.  It enhances communication, learning, and creates open-mindedness. Nearly the only disadvantage of it is that it can create reverse discrimination. While this is a real problem, it is extremely rare. The advantages completely and utterly outweigh the disadvantages of diversity.  As an Ohio State student, I encounter diversity every day. I come from a predominately white, republican city where diversity is rare. After being exposed to it, I can proudly and strongly state that diversity has done nothing but have an extremely profound impact on my life and I feel that everyone needs to experience it and embrace it, because it is a reality. From now on, diversity will only increase in the United States, so you might as well learn to live with it and maybe even appreciate it.
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Diversity sucks!
Ask any home owner of a nice comunity why they are moving farther away. Third world people are not used to nice things and it shows in the way they take care of their Homes.

Property values drop and you now have suburban decay destroying many city suburbs. I judge a comunity by how cars are missing all four hub caps. What is up with that???
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When the organisation says  " Value Diversity" as  part of staff assessment, what exactly does it means and can you please give some examples

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