What Happens If You Send Your Avon Order In Late?


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Ordinarily if, ordering through an Avon representative or sales person, you place an order in late then the company will simply send it through along with the very next order you place.

  • Circumstances which could result in an order being late

A complication that may occur if an order is placed in late and the catalogue has been revised in between orders then Avon will look to find the same product or, if out of stock, an alternative product to send you. The only repercussion is that you will have to pay the revised price for that product shown in the latest catalogue which may be higher than the original price, if for example there was a special offer. A reason why they may charge you a higher rate is because they have run out of stock of the original product you ordered.

  • Avon's policy for returns

If you receive and are charged for a product you are not fully satisfied with, Avon does have a 100% 90 day satisfaction guarantee condition which means that if you decide to cancel the order or simply change your mind for whatever reason you can send the item back. They should provide a returns form in the packaging which you can then attach to the outside of the box for free postage. If you are unhappy with a product you can either exchange it or return it for a full refund but they specify that they will only credit your account once the refund has been processed at their headquarters.

If you have lost a return form then you can contact them through their website and they can post you a return form for you to send. Please note that Blurtit is not a consumer advice authority and individuals should consult Avon's terms and conditions for all the information and details regarding placing a late order and, if necessary, returning an item through a representative or online.

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