How Long Does It Take Section 8 Vouchers To Transfer?


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It is a very lengthy ordeal because two different agencies are transferring information and most of the time the people that work for the housing authority are not thorough or prompt which means that you have to stay on top of both agencies (Call, call, call) to insure that your information is being handled correctly.

If everything goes right the time should only be between 3-4 weeks. Thats if the agency you are transferring from sends (mail/fax) all of your voucher info. To the receiving agency in a timely matter AND the receiving agency begins processing the info. As soon as you get it.

It can be a very tricky process. Please by all means stay in contact with your worker from the transferring agency and get confirmation on when they sent your info. Out. Most of the time agencies claim that they HAVE to mail your voucher info. 1st instead of faxing it (which is ridiculous). Then if the receiving agency does not receive the info. Through the mail the sending agency is obligated to then fax it. Always remember while this is going on time on your voucher to find an apartment is ticking (at this point you should be looking now!!!).

Once the receiving agency finally gets your info. Then you need to make sure that they have everything they need. After confirming that information you need to begin searching (immediately) for apartments that will take the voucher. The receiving agency will give you a date to come in and pick up your voucher. Please keep copies of everything. Whenever you have to speak with someone over the phone get there name and the time you spoke with them. Keeping great records during this time is crucial. Be prepared for rudeness from agency employees (common but not always at every agency). And stay PATIENT! It can get done. Good luck!

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