How Much Money Do Marketing Managers Make Each Month?


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The question is, how much money do marketing managers make a month, and the answer is, it depends what industry they are involved in, and how much experience and rank they have.
If you are the marketing manager for a large global company like Mcdonalds, Coca cola, Walmart or 3M, you would make a very good salary. However these positions come to those with many years experience and training.
Yet everyone has to start somewhere, so I suggest you make a list of your goals, and then work on getting a junior position, like marketing assistant, in a secure company, and working your way up to being the guy with the corner office.
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Well it depends. If someone has a website, regularly updating the site and by marketing it to social networks it can gain a good amount of income from the online world. Social networks are good way to market a site and it's a good thing that we can use tools such as in online marketing.

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Well I am working for coca cola and I'm making about 293 million.. Not that bad
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About 22 grand a year this is what I make for mcdonalds

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