Jackson Just Got A 30-year Mortgage, And Plans To Pay $200 Toward The Principal Each Month. To Pay The Mortgage 10 Years Early, How Much More Money Does He Have To Pay On The Principal Each Month? (Do Not Consider Interest Expense In Your Response)..


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Jackson just got a 30-year mortgage, and plans to pay $200 toward the principal each month, but in order to pay it off 10 years earlier he will have to increase the monthly payment to $300 a month.

  • What is a principal payment?
A principal is something that homeowners take out when they get a mortgage to help pay back their loan while saving a lot of dollars of interest over the years that they are paying their mortgage. In addition, the conditions allow you to pay off the mortgage more quickly than the initial time period you took it out on. People tend to pay off their principals in different ways.

  • Mortgage cycling
Mortgage cycling refers to the process that allows a homeowner to pay lump sum to the principal every 6 months that they are paying for the mortgage. People tend to choose this option because it can save thousands of dollars at the end of the mortgage payments, however if you choose to do this you have to make sure you can afford to pay the sum twice every year.

  • Send a little extra
You could always attempt to add a little bit more extra money with the initial mortgage payment that you make. When people opt for this decision they can decide on how much extra they want to pay because it is not a fixed extra amount. You will need to inform the lender that you are paying a certain amount of extra money so they can keep it in their records.

  • Close down payments
Most people pay the mortgage once every month, however some choose to pay every 4 weeks which accumulates to one more extra payment a year as opposed to 12 that are being paid once every month.

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