What Is The Most Important Thing Needed To Run A Business?


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The most important things to run a business are sincerity, loving the business, attitude to completing day to day business and financial background.
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Barbara Fisher answered
I have owned and ran three businesses for four years now and there are more than just one correct answer to this question.

The first and most important thing is to have excellent customer service. Make sure when customers comes into your business, you greet them, if possible by name. Make each person feel he or she is the most important one at that time.

Listen to your customers, know their like and dislikes, and keep your eyes out for products that they might be interested in. Keep a database with their information to reach them.

Try to have something unique about your business that customers can not get everywhere they go. An example is at my "new books" store, I also will search to find older books that my clientele may have read years ago. This brings repeat business because they get something they really want. and because you went that extra mile for them.

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