How Long Does It Take To Get A Virginia State Tax Refund?


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The time taken for processing the returns on your Virginia state tax refund depends on the method you used to file in order to receive the Virginia state tax refund. If you used the e-filing option (that is, the online filing method), which will entitle you to receive a direct deposit, and have still not received your refund within a period of three weeks after filing your return (or a period of eight weeks or two months if your filed the return on paper, which would entitle you to a paper cheque), you can check your Virginia state tax refund status by clicking on Where's My Refund on the website and then clicking on the link that says Get my Refund Status.

For this, you have to first input the required data, including your Social Security Number. You can also call the Refund Hotline number. You are entitled to the refund only if you have a valid Social Security Number and a copy of your current tax return.

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