How Long Does It Take To Get A Tax Refund Cheque In Michigan?


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Awaiting the arrival of a tax refund check, can be for some us an anxious time. For people who plan ahead of time to use a tax refund for a vacation trip, week-end get away, or to catch up on bill payments, etc., the wait can seem like an eternity. I know it can be a frustrating wait. I imagine although you are waiting for your Michigan refund, you are probably waiting for your Federal refund also. Normally, State and Federal refunds are received within about six weeks from the time our return is received. Often, times it is only the volume of returns, which creates a short delay.

The secret to a quick turn around seems to be E-filing online. I actually received a state return, in less than seven days this year. I could not believe my eyes. When I mailed my tax return in, it always took at least six weeks and sometimes seven before I received my refund.

One thing you can do, if your tax refund has not been received within six to seven weeks is call your local IRS office, and ask if, there is a reason for the delay. A delay does not necessarily mean there is a problem. So, stop by the office or call and you should get some help. I hope it arrives soon!
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