How Long Do Medical Bills Stay On My Credit Report?


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Seven years and any one who tells you that bad debt  will never come off your credit report is either stupid or lying. The thing is a lot of so called collection agency's post on these blogs with messages to scare people, if the answer is one sided that is a big clue that it is not true, as you and the creditor both have rights

so the time a medical bill may remain on hour report is 7 years from the first time it was late or also it is seven years from the time it was first reported late on your credit report, so if you did not pay the may 5 th payment of 2010, on June 5th of 2017 it will come off your credit report and if it does not then the credit collection agency and the credit reporting beau's are breaking the laws of The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act . ALSO in most states the time the collection agency has to sue for a judgment is 3 years to 5 years on credit cards and medical issues!  Check your states statues of limitations for a creditor or a  collection agency to sue for a judgment, once the SOL has passed, they can still sue you but the court will not enforce you to pay them once the SOL has passed or in other words, the court will not issue a judgment against you , again the SOL starts from the very first time you are late on a payment by 30 days or more!

Also if you are being sued and you know the SOL has passed, go to court and inform the judge that the account in Question is older then the SOL and ask him to please not enforce a judgment. Once you tell the judge the sol has passed, you will win, also bring a copy of your credit report showing the date that you were first late so to prove the SOL has ran have to go to court to do this, as the court Will not look up the information on its own . Most collection agency's do not even try to sue in court on a debt that is over the SOL because they know it is a loosing battle.

Knowledge is your best defense against a collection agency\
fear is the collection agency best defense against you

also to find your states statues of limitations, just type your states name and statues of limitation in the search engine and I am sure you will find the SOL for your state!  Like I live in MD, so I WOULD TYPE THE STATUE OF LIMITATIONS IN MD, JUST USE YOUR STATES NAME
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I don't believe that medical bills will ever be off your credit report unless you have paid them off and called the credit bureau and asked for it to be taken off.
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I have never seen a medical bill disappear, unless you file for bankruptcy. Hope this helps.

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