Do Unpaid Medical Bills Hurt Credit?


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YES!!!! I went to the hospital for losing a toe and I now have 11 negative activities against my account and that is all people look at when they see my report, it does effect me. I am completely unable to even GET a credit card let alone any type of a loan. I'm screwed and have been ever since this happened.
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As long as you are paying on the bill, it will report your payment history, but if you let it go delinquent and a collection agency is collecting the money it will go against you.
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The unpaid medical DOESN"T hurt your credit score, like it would if its a Credit Card. Most hospital are NOT going to send it to collections, however private Dr's offices, they will. But again it doesn't hurt your credit, but yes it will show up on your report. My husband and I have bought 2 new cars and a house, and we have never had a problem, as a matter of fact, his score is just about perfect.

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