How Do I Write A Letter To My Insurance Company To Appeal A Medical Bill?


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If your medical provider is going to appeal your bill, then make sure that they do it in good time. But on the other hand if your provider says it’s up to you to make your claim then keep reading.

Appealing A Medical Bill

Write up a letter clearly stating and explaining why you feel your bill was not paid.

Make sure that your letter includes your full name, your address, state, zip code, your email address and telephone numbers.

State your guarantor, that is the person insured on your plan

State the date or dates when you were in medical care.

Also state the place at which that medical care was obtained.

Include an attached copy of an explanation of benefits document (EOB).  This is the letter you initially received from your insurer.

Include any letters or correspondence that you may have received from your insurance company before the explanation of benefits.

Include a copy of your insurance card and all other records related to your health. Also include previous x-rays and anything relevant for your case.


All insurance companies need the date and place of where you got your care.  This they use to track and check all your medical care based on each provider.

For example, you see a doctor in the morning, and that same afternoon you get admitted in hospital. This means that you will have seen two providers.

When writing your letter, try to make it as professional as you can, as you will want the person viewing your claim to do it under one sitting.  This will also make the entire process efficient.
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It is very simple to write an appeal letter to your insurance company claiming a medical bill. See the link below for samples;

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