What Are The Major Principles Of Organising?


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Organising basically means arranging or planning. To lay out or arrange things in a particular sequence and order. Organising makes it easier to find the things that one is looking for, and it is more systematic and makes work even simpler from an employee.

The major principles or procedure for organising would firstly need a plan. The things or objects need to be arranged according to that plan. In this plan- one can further divide their material into different categories, and further divide that into subcategories. Thus when one is searching for something in particular they look it up in that category specifically. e.g. - doctors organise the files of their patients in alphabetical order.

Through organising one can save time, effort and increase productivity. Organising is required not only in the work life of an individual but also their personal life.
e.g. - keeping ones cupboard organised makes it easier to find what one is searching for.

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