What Is A Greenfield Company?


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A Greenfield company is the one which undertakes a Greenfield project. In engineering, a Greenfield is a project which is not constrained due to prior work. The construction happens on Greenfield land (abandoned land used for agriculture or just left as it is). In this project, there is no need to remodel or demolish any existing structures. A lot of companies undertake Greenfield projects and become Greenfield companies. Some examples of Greenfield projects are new factories, airports, power plants etc which are built from scratch.

Greenfield market, in sales, refers to a marketplace which is completely untapped and free for taking. Greenfield is the name of a rather famous and big company in UK. Greenfield is a local independent Estate Agent with 5 offices covering the area between Epsom and Kingston in Surrey. Greenfield Online Company is a pioneer in providing internet survey solution. It was set up in 1994 and helps research and consulting companies stay ahead.
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The Greenfield Company is basically an independent estate agent, which comprises of five main offices that are spread all over Epsom and Kingston upon Thames, Surrey.

The office that belongs to this organization and completely handles residential sales, valuations and mortgages is located in The Chessington, Tolworth and Surbiton. The newly shifted office is the one that is situated in Tolworth Broadway, which completely takes care of dedicated Lettings Office, for Letting and Property Management Services. The office at Ewell deals completely in Residential sales, lettings, property management, mortgages, surveys and commercial property. And the overseas property department is located in Surbiton, which in turn deals with homes for investment, holiday use or as a permanent home in Bulgaria, Crete, Cyprus, Dubai, Florida, Spain, Turkey and the Caribbean.

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