What Is A Fortune 200 Company?


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The Fortune 200 companies are consistently outsourcing services such as help desk services, network, desktop support and contract programming. Like the commercial sectors they focus on expanding broadband and upgrading the existing ones. The basic difference is in purchasing practices. America's longest running business magazine, Fortune was founded in 1930 by Henry Luce.

A ranking of the top 200 United States public corporations are measured by gross revenue, the eligible companies are publicly available. The 200 companies are solely ranked according to their annual revenues and thus profit has been acquired. The first 200 companies are amongst the best rated companies with massive returns. Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Wal - Mart stores, and General Electric are ranked with fortune 200 companies. Fortune claims to be the best with their research and regular publishing of ranked lists.
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A fortune 200 company is simply any of the 200 highest ranked companies in terms of total gross revenue.

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