What Is The Process For Re-branding A Company?


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The process of branding an already developed brand; be it a product or company is known as re-branding. Here the products or the company is marketed and distributed with a different identity. The brand logo, name, image, marketing strategy and advertising themes all go for a revamp and a makeover. The positioning of the company also changes and it is projected in anew light. It might be superficial or deep. It may be for the existing product lines or involve new ones depending on the company's wishes. It is usually done during a time of crisis when it becomes crucial to improve its image and shed its negativity or when a new company acquires a certain company and its products.

Re-branding is a common occurrence nowadays what with enumerable mergers and acquisitions as well as various crises. Thus it has become a fad that most companies indulge in the recent times.

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