Who Can Find Two Advertisement That Depict Two Different Defense Mechanisms And Discuss Their Effectiveness.?


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This sounds very much like a homework question and as such should only be answered by yourself. There are a number of reasons for this and the first most obvious one is that getting somebody else to do it for you is cheating.

Another reason is that should someone else do it for you then you have not explored the question and benefited from the knowledge that your research gives you. This may not bother you but the subject that you are studying, psychology, is a demanding one and so you need all the underpinning knowledge that you can get in order to continue with your course and benefit from taking the subject.

Having said that, here is some information about defense mechanisms that may be of use to, giving you a better idea of what to look for when you are answering this question.

  • Defense mechanisms

Defense mechanisms are unconscious approaches to scenarios that enable us to handle a given circumstance. They are psychological, and are first mentioned as part of Sigmund Freud's theories. 

According to George Eman Valliant's theories however, developed and revealed in 1977, defense mechanisms can be grouped into four different levels: Pathological being the first, followed by immature and then neurotic, finishing finally with mature.

Robert Plutchik's theory on defense mechanisms of 1979 is quite different; he says that the defenses are derived from the standard straightforward emotions such as happiness, sadness and anger, and are denial, regression, projection, formation, repression, intellectualization, compensation and displacement.  

For more information on defense mechanisms, including how and when they are used, take a look at this link: . Not only does it go into detail about the subject, but it also includes other psychology articles, some of which you may also find useful.

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