What Makes You Different Then Other Candidates?


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Ellie Hoe answered
If I were to be posed with that question during a job interview I'd say that I have my individuality and I tend not to be closed within boxes while thinking. Restricting myself to only one vantage and not being able to utilize other modes of reasoning suffocates me. This innate proclivity causes me to think laterally and be more creative with my decisions. Besides, I keep myself updated and am normally aware of what goes around me even though apparently I may not seem to be synchronized with the whole ordeal, however that's where appearances can be deceptive but I am predictable enough to be dependable. Also, I may say that I am a team player and I like working with people and get along with them just fine and I am absorbiant in my approach which makes me more trust worthy to them. I am always animated and rarely ever get down and remain professional about my work not letting my personal problems cloud my judgment when it is needed. I keep my calm at all times and keep my head straight.
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pha cue answered
I don't care too much if what I say offends people. 

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