Why Do You Think You Are Suitable For This Job?


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This is the question they you will be asked it you are applying for any role in any organisation. Knowing precisely why you are perfect for the role that you are applying for is the key to succeeding in a job interview.

Hence you must consider why you are applying for a job and write a list of the reasons that make you think you are perfect for the role. Are you charismatic? Are you organised? Are you capable of managing a team, or are you an important team player? These are all important things that you must consider before applying for a job, and as well as writing these things in your CV, you will need to talk about it in your job interview. Your job interview needs to reflect your ability to communicate and it also needs to reflect your enthusiasm for the position. Being good at your job is the very least an employer is looking for, and the job interview is your perfect opportunity to prove that you can do it.

As well as telling the interviewers why you are the best person for the job, you could also help your cause by giving them some examples of how you have succeeded in this particular area in the past. Thus will show them that you have already succeeded and been trusted by another organisation - which of course makes it easier for your new potential employer to trust you in the role. Demonstrating previous trust and responsibility shows that the new employer will not be taking as much of a risk, and hence their financial interest in you will increase your chances of obtaining the role. Think about it, trusted someone who cannot be trusted can cost a business money!

So when going to your interview, remember the importance of being able to sell yourself. As well as telling them precisely why you are perfect for the role, you will want to make a general good impression. This could simply involve you appearing like a trustworthy employee by dressing in your smartest work clothes. Speaking correctly, politely and sensibly will also portray you as the great candidate that you are. Generally, you just need to come across as a great person! If you can master this then you can mater obtaining jobs. Try hard and follow these instructions and you can't go wrong!
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Suhail Ajmal answered
You should answer this question as follows;

I am friendly, accommodating having good communication and interpersonal skills. I am a people person type and like to communicate with people and enjoy solving their issues.

These are all the qualities which should be present in a customer service representative.
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Omer Butt answered
Because I am very patient & have very good communication skills. I Can handle people with high temper satisfactorily & remain calm in stressful situations.
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I'm qualified for this position because of the skills I've gained through my education and experience.
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Because I am honest,reliable,trustworthy and can work as part of a team. I have kitchen assistant experience and enjoy cooking.
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Highlight any of these features mentioned. What they want is to see that you can talk well and are enthusiastic. So whatever you do say, say it well and say it proud.
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Sadia Batool answered
I think it is good to get a reliable job. It is important to have a job. Nowadays all and sundry is in big trouble due to issues of unemployment. If you have got a great job then go ahead. Another thing is that you should think about the salary they are offering you in I am a strong person by mind. I do what I decide. I don't change my decisions. I think very professionally and practically.

I see things with one eye. I give equal importance to education and job. I am studying and doing job at a time. I try to give good time to my family as well. You can say that my family is my first priority this job.It is my skilful mind and stamina which makes me able to do this job. This job is all about my efficiency and active nature. I don't know either I am doing justice to my work or not but one thing is sure that I am eligible for this position and I deserve so.

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