What Are The Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal And Envirnmental Influences Of Tesco Supermarkets


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I've listed the political, economic , social, technological, legal and environmental factors that influence Tesco below. If you're using this answer to assist you with some research, I would also recommend looking for examples to backup the following assertions:

Political Factors

Tesco operates in 14 countries so local rules and legislation have to be taken into account and it must employ people from different categories such as disabled, elderly, students.

Economical Factors

Demand for a product, the price of it and profit that Tesco makes depends on economic factors like like interest rates, unemployment levels and inflation rates. Although Tesco can not control this, it can have an adverse effect on the performance of the business.

Social Factors

Tesco have to look at what customers want. These days we are choosing healthy options and there is also demand for a basic range. By including products other than food in their stores, Tesco meets more customer demands. They constantly have to monitor what is selling and what they need to bring into the stores.

Technological Factors

Tesco have kept up to date with technology by introducing things like self checkout, electronic shelf labelling, radio frequency identification. A customer needs to be able to find out when a product will be in stock for example and with new technology, a member of staff can tell them that.

Legal Factors

Tesco need to abide by the rules or political correct pricing. They can not charge too much or two little for a product and have to make sure that the companies they buy from are getting a fair deal too.

Environmental Factors

Tesco must be responsible for cutting waste while manufacturing products and reducing environmental damage are priority factors.

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