What kind of health care insurance do you have? Private/employer provided, Medicare, Obamacare or Medicaid, Other/I’m not insured?


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Ancient Hippy answered

I have private insurance. Next year, I'll be on Medicare with a private supplimental.

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My family and I have medical through military retirement, "Tricare". A few years back they changed the rules and if you live more than fifty miles from amilitary hospital you can get medical care at any doctor or hospital who accepts Tricare, which is most.

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I, like Ancient One, have Tricare. Except where I am there aren't as many that take it and the ones that do are not well rated. I have only had one claim I had trouble getting paid and that was for a flu shot at a drug store. (My primary doctor had run out.) 

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I live in the United Kingdom. I have free healthcare at the point of delivery. (or course I paid for it in "National Insurance" - an extension of the tax system).

The UK National Health Service was described (last week) as "The best in the World" by the "Commonwealth Fund" (No, I do not know who they are either).

Only Australia and New Zealand came close, with the US and Germany close behind. The US was MUCH more expensive though.


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I have insurance through my employer.  But I'm retiring in December, so will change to Medicare & Supplement.

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I have health insurance through my company - United Healthcare is the insurer. Compared to Blue Cross Blue Shield, their coverage sucks, but it's better than no insurance, I guess.

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Danae Hitch
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I have the same issue with UHC, but had nothing but good things with Blue Cross. Funny how they're so different for each state.
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Provide by employer, which is quite extensive without any restrictions and all for a very low contribution with negligible deductibles. My company also help with claims which makes everything pretty smooth sailing.

I'm provided with 2 free pair of glasses a year. Which I use to get designer sunglasses since I'm not blind.

There are on-site doctors and health clinics where I work. Good for a quick prescription, shots, etc. We also have partners like Stanford Hospital nearby.

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