Where Is My Local Coca Cola Distributor?


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You should be able to find out about the location of your local distributor through the Coca Cola website. Most countries have their own Coca Cola site including places such as South Africa, France, Sweden, the US and England. If you find that you are on the wrong country’s website there is usually a small dropdown menu at the top of the site giving you the opportunity to change the country of the site. If you cannot find any information about distributors on the site click on the contact us link and send them an email and they should then be able to provide you with the information you need. Alternatively, talk to your nearest restaurant or cafe that sells Coca Cola and they should be able to recommend a distributor.
Coca Cola is distributed in over 200 different countries and the brand has over 3,500 beverages under its name including; Dr Pepper, Fanta, Sprite, Schweppes and Kia Ora. The brand has been around for 125 years and has 139,600 employees worldwide working for them. Coca Cola was started in 1886 with a pharmacist called Dr John Pemberton who sold what we now call Coca Cola on the streets in Atlanta for 5 cents a glass. Since then it has gone from strength to strength.
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