When Was Coca Cola First Made?


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It was in the year 1886, when Coca Cola was first introduced in Atlanta, Georgia. But the history of the beverage takes it a year back in 1885. A druggist named Pemberton was the first person who invented a cola wine and named it as Pemberton's French Wine Cola, but he made it to be meant as a medicine for headache.

Owing to the legislation for prohibition from the government, he had to develop a non-alcoholic version of the French Wine Cola. It was his bookkeeper Frank Robinson who coined the term Coca Cola and it was he who later became the lead marketing man for the product. The Jacob's pharmacy was the first place where it was first sold on May 7, 1886, and it was sold only at an average of 9 drinks per day for the first eight months. The first advertisement for the product appeared in the Atlanta Journal on May 29 and the rest is history.
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Coca Cola was first made in 1884 by John Stith Pemberton, a druggist from Columbus, Georgia. He named it Coca Cola because it is made from coca leaves and flavoured using kola nuts.

The first advertisement for the beverage aired on 29th May 1884. There was a time when three versions of Coca Cola were being sold by three separate businesses in the market.

During World War II, when United States entered the war, the Coca Cola Company started providing free drinks to soldiers of the United States Army. The drink shot in popularity what with the soldiers getting the hang of the drink and returning home with a taste for the drink.

The coca Cola Company is now the largest distributor as well manufacturer of non alcoholic beverages across the world. A component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Coca Cola is one of the largest corporations in United States.

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Coca-Cola Company is 124 years old.  Coca-Cola made its debut in Atlanta at the Jacob's Pharmacy soda fountain where it was sold for 5 cents a glass in 1886.

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