How Is Coca Cola Manufactured?


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The popular soft drink coca-cola manufactured by the Coca Cola Company is a sweetened carbonated drink containing caffeine. The formula or the recipe of the drink is a trade secret zealously guarded by the company and is believed to be kept in a bank vault in Atlanta, Georgia the city where the headquarters of the company are located in the United States.

Coca cola was invented by John Pemberton an American chemist in 1886 and was marketed by Asa Chandler who also founded the Coca Cola Company. The name Coca Cola comes from Kola nuts that were first used as a source of caffeine and the Coca plant. At first the drink contained the drug cocaine in small amounts which was later discontinued in 1906. Like most colas Coca Cola is believed to contain caramel coloring and artificial sweeteners along with vanilla or cinnamon based on the flavor.

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