What are the disadvantages of an Invoice?


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There are many disadvantages of an invoice. Some of those are given below :

  • Security issues. Sending invoices electronically comes with some risks that are not present with hard copy invoices. At Towne Mailer, our clients upload their invoices to us on a secure server before they are printed at our own location.
  • Spam filters. An electronic invoice may be paid faster – if your client ever sees it. In some cases, email service providers marks invoices as spam, sending them to a folder than most users rarely look at. It can be difficult to know when your invoices are caught in spam filters and frustrating to communicate to clients how to alter their spam filters to allow your invoices through.
  • Bookkeeping issues. Electronic invoices can make bookkeeping tasks harder for your clients and customers. Some may need to download the invoice or print the invoice for their records. Paper invoices can be filed quickly and easily.
  • Offline customers. Especially in certain types of businesses, your clients or customers may not have access to their email from their home or may not even use an email account. Other customers may greatly prefer to receive a paper invoice. This may especially be true of senior customers or customers in rural locations.
  • Fees. If your business uses a service to send electronic invoices, you will most likely need to pay the service a fee in the form of a small percentage of the payments you receive. These fees can add up quickly.

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