What Is The Structure Of Basic Invoice?


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Invoice is a sort of bill that has to be paid by the customer to the seller of the product. There are many so many different types of invoices that can serve in different circumstances but most of the invoices contain some sort of heading showing that this receipt is going to be used as a bill or an invoice.

There will be the name of the company who is selling the product along with the contacts like address and phone number. Certain organizations prefer to write down the name and contact details of the customer as well. Date or time of the transaction will also be written on the receipt. If the company wants to provide the facility of correspondence then there might be a distinctive reference number on every receipt of invoice.

There will also be the description of the product that is going to be sold. There can be transaction track number according to the requirements of the company to manage their database. The total amount of the product that has to be paid by the customer can either be shown as a total sum or can be shown total after showing small and big taxes or other price related information.

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