On An Invoice, The Invoice Total Includes What?


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The total of an invoice will include the following

  • The total amount of all the items
  • Any discount given (vouchers etc)
  • Taxes at whatever rate they are currently charged
  • Shipping (if the goods are to be shipped)

Payment terms will usually be clearly stated on the invoice, and often a discount is offered for early settlement.

Sometimes the invoice will have been paid before the goods are sent, in which case the invoice should be marked 'paid in full.'

There are many sites on the internet which provide invoice templates that can be very helpful and time saving, especially if you only need to do one per month for example. A few of these sites are

As an invoice is a legal document, it can be used in court should the debtor refuse to pay by the time indicated (though in reality, it is rare for a company to pay on time!)

there have been incidents where companies have created false invoices
in order to try to cover things such as money laundering.

Luckily the
court will only accept a case if the plaintiff can prove that the goods
really existed and that the company actually took delivery.

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