Can I have a loan?


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Sure, how much ya need? 75% interest, compounded hourly.

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No.  Get a job 

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It's easy enough to get a loan these days if you do things the proper way and make the effort to REPAY your loan at the end of the day. Contact a financing specialist. They'll look at your credit history and see how good you are for the money you want to borrow. Lots of Ts and Cs have to be put into order before you get the money from anybody of course.

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Planning to get a loan, then you should
try for it. You can take help of small/medium business loan. These loans are best suited for the short-term needs business loan working
capital required for day-to-day functioning of a business.This loan is very
well suited for small medium businesses who witness a frequent cash churn in
their day-to-day business operations.They provide a very fast service within
just 3 working days. All you need is just fill the loan application and link it
with your business account with your 12 months bank account statement.

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Amrita Singh , I am Self Employed, Good investor and good in financing and Marketing, answered

Yes you can have a loan. To get a Loan you have to meet eligibility criteria of Banks or NBFC. If you have good credit score and repayment ability of loan then you will get a loan.

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