If My Husband Owes Taxes Can The IRS Garnish My Wages?


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Robyn Rothman answered
They shouldn't penalize you for taxes your husband didn't pay before you were married, but if you file a joint return now, they can take any refund you might have coming to pay the back taxes plus penalties an interest.  If they do try to attach your wages or bank accounts, there is an "injured spouse" program.  You can go to the IRS web site to research it or call 1-800-829-1040 to get more information about it.
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I am planning to get married, but my fiance owes money to the irs. Can they garnish my wages, or sell my house to pay what he owes?
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Two Cents answered
No.  But they can go after anything that is jointly held.  Tax refunds filed jointly, houses, cars etc.

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