What's happening with the unemployment extension for 2014?


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What's happening with the unemployment extension for 2014 is that more than 2 million Americans are struggling to make ends meet because the government cannot get together and do what it is there and elected to do: Serve the needs and interests of the people.Congress has so far "successfully" blocked the Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program which was initially backed by President Obama, but Republican opposition and Democrat ineffectiveness means it has not been passed.

It is estimated that the lack of unemployment support has resulted in a $5.4 billion in support being dropped from American citizens who desperately need it. In the meantime, the government and mega-rich sit about twiddling their thumbs.

What kind of world is this?

Unemployment lines are growing America, wake up and smell the coffee!

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It's the very same situation here in Ireland promises of jobs and nothing unemployment riseing steadily
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Half the problem with Americans is they don't want to work. They want positions with big fat paychecks and benefit packages. I own a residential remodeling company. I have had a job open for 8 months now. No one has applied for it. I was so desperate for help that I even posted the job online. I say end the two years of unemployment benefits. Let people get a job while they search for their position!

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