Did the unemployment extension bill pass for 2014?


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No, as of right now the unemployment extension bill for 2014, has been blocked in the senate by Republicans.

The Democrats suggested a 3 month extension, which sounds pretty reasonable to me, but the Republicans have shut it down. Just great!

I think the sticking point is how it will be paid for, the Democrats are suggesting increased contributions by employed people to pensions as a way of offsetting the cost.

The Republicans don't like that idea, but haven't suggested anything better either...

And when they discussed how it would be offset, those same Republicans added a second demand:

"They want an increase to military retiree cost-of-living payments, which would add more to the deficit, requiring additional cuts to the federal budget."

Personally, I think they are just doing it to make Obama look bad or look powerless, but I hope it will backfire as it is only harming unemployed people in their own state.

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