How do I check my saving account?


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Want to check your saving account? Every bank will have a different process, so a definitive answer might come from them - however, I am able to tell you the three different ways most people check their savings account these days;

  1. In branch - going to the bank and requesting an update on your saving account is the most traditional method. It is also the most time consuming. You will need to provide ID (often 2 forms) and proof of your bank account details in most instances.
  2. By telephone - most banks have had a telephone number that customers can call for quite some time now. It may not be the case with all banks, and there are frequently waiting times for a call to get answered. As such, this is not always seen as very efficient.
  3. Online - These days, most major banks are online. Accessing your account may need some setting up (usually quite simple, but unique process for each bank, so no point going into any detail here). Simply contact your bank and see whether this option is available to you.
With both telephone and internet banking, you will need to pass some security questions and also provide details such as account number and sort code.

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