When Is My Check Coming From Income Tax?


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Income Tax cheques are usually sent following the end of the tax year. 

However, the end of the tax year, or fiscal year as it is formally known, is different depending on which country you live in, and the time scale for the process to be complete tax returns can vary, too.

You do not usually need to do anything to ensure that you get your rebate, you may just need to sit tight and await further contact. Unfortunately, it can be a number of months before the automated process is complete.

Who is entitled to an Income Tax cheque?

  • You may be entitled to a tax rebate if you have paid too much tax over the course of the year
  • If your tax rate was miscalculated over any period in the past few years

You are most likely to have overpaid tax if you have changed employment during the year, or had a break from employment. You can contact your local tax office to find out more information about Income Tax and Income Tax cheques.

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