Do I Have To Report My Income Tax Refund Check To Unemployment?


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I think the last person who answered misunderstood the question..  The question I believe is asking whether one who is receiving unemployment compensation needs to report, during their weekly reporting to the unemployment office, their tax refund $ as income. I am not sure of the answer.. I know that if you get a tax refund it is said this is money you could have had all year long instead of waiting until tax time to get a refund.  In other words, you could have adjusted your tax withholding on a W4 form while you were employed in order to be taxed less on each paycheck, so this is money you were taxed that the IRS owed you back..  I therefore would be inclined to think that you do not need to report it, but you should call your unemployment office to ask them.
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Absolutely. It is income. Unemployment notify's the I.r.s. Of every single person that has collected. If you don't they will catch it. And add on a penalty.

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