Have You Ever Wanted To Own A Business?


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Meta Forrest Profile
Meta Forrest answered
I am now in my 50's and have owned my own business since I was 24. Lot's of hard work and ups and down over the years, but well worth it. Providing quality service to the public and giving people employment is what it's all about. It's not about pipe dreams.,
Joan Profile
Joan answered
I have in the past, yes.  It's not all glory.  There was a lot of personal work and time involved and a lot of money needed for stock and travel but it did pay off in the end.  I sold my half of the business to my partner and then took half the profits for the next 3 years.  To this day,  I wish I had bought her out but she was very short sighted and would not expand or invest as was needed.
Gene wright Profile
Gene wright answered
My wife & I had our business for 25yrs, sold out, retired at 55, moved to Arkansas.  If I had it to do over, I'd work for some body else and let them put up with the "joy of self-employment".
Looking back, not again.
Kat Brass Profile
Kat Brass answered
Always wanted to and now I do :)
Thomas Profile
Thomas answered
Actually I already have along with my wife. We owned a gift shop in a small northern Minnesota town. Lots of work, costs lots of money, and unless I find  a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, will never do it again.
Bonnie Bloom Profile
Bonnie Bloom answered
Yea I think it would be cool to own like a bakery. Or like a diner!
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John commented
Bakery- especially if you become like famous amos and sell one of your tasy treats for millions.
John Profile
John answered
If i was the kid that invented facebook and was offered a billion dollars to sell it i would(as long as i held another billion in stock).then i would be permanently retired wellll maybe i mite start another business some day.:) nawwwwwwwt ha!.
Merlin Paine Profile
Merlin Paine answered
Yes it has been a dream of mine since I  got a Degree in Business......but I have never been able to raise the nessessary capital. Too busy trying to survive ......but maybe one day I will be able to ...right now I would like to go into a business with me and my son who will be 18 soon...
Annie Devore Profile
Annie Devore answered
I'd Love To Own A Bakery And Have Wanted This For Over 15 Years But No Way I'd Get The Funds For That. I Bake For People At PARC. Neighbors  Church And They All Say You Should Have Your Own Bakery  I DO Love To Bake But I Could Never  Get The Funds.. I Love Feeding People And Spoiling People With Treats But There Is A Lot Of Money.  Loans.. People To Pay To Work For Me  I Have No Idea About Finances At All ..Have To Make A Profit. Soo Much Competition
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Midnite star answered
I used to want to run my own business, but decided it would take too many hours & too much capital & too many headaches. I like to have & strive for having Peace in my life. If I ran a business, I don't think this would be possible.
I used to be a landlord & that was a royal pain too !!
But if I was only to own it n' not hafta be there physically to run it every day...I think I would go for doing it.
Steinbrenner's job was nice. Wouldn't mind a business like that.
William Harkin Profile
William Harkin answered
I was the chairman of a food co-operative for two years.(An organization that sells inexpensive food.Totally voluntary,no overheads)
The answer is a resounding NO
yarnlady Profile
yarnlady answered
Yes, I would like to own a security guard business and hire all my relatives who are currently out of work, my son, all three of my adult grandsons, and their mother.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I have and I do and the thing to watch out for is to not let the business own you :)
Mike McCarthy Profile
Mike McCarthy answered
If I had my own business, I could set my own hours according to the law. I wouldn't need leave home at all. A good friend of mine has her own business. She's a seamstress.  She does pant, shirts, couches etc etc. You get the picture.
Joe B. Profile
Joe B. answered
Yes, specifically a business which sells marijuana like an alcohol bar might do with booze.
But so far this has not been possible - maybe soon.
Georgina Hall Profile
Georgina Hall answered
I have thought about it
freedom hours
but it is hard work i hear
and at almost 14 years old i dont really care at the moment
Ruth Campbell Profile
Ruth Campbell answered
I thought about owning a restaurant but really don't want all the hassles.  Fortunately I can't afford to start my own business anyway.

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