What tips would you give to someone starting their own business?


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When starting your own business, you must first of all ensure it is a business that you are interested in. A genuine interest and passion will lead to enthusiasm and hopefully success. 

You may begin with a hard working and determined attitude but if you are not passionate about your product or service, the long tough days will be even harder. 

Your customers will recognise your passion and it should be contagious, so hopefully everyone will end up and passionate about your business as you are. If you are struggling to think of an idea, make a list of all the things you are good at, everything you are interested in and your strengths and weaknesses from a business point of view. 
You may decide that you need to team up with someone who has the skills you don’t have to really make your business successful. Speak to your friends and family and ask them about any ideas they have or anything that they think is needed in your local area. 
Visit other towns and cities, or even other countries, for inspiration and ideas. If you are still struggling for an idea, visit websites such as ‘entrepreneur.com’, ‘coolbusinessideas.com’, ‘business-idea.com’ or ‘zeromillion.com’. These sites all have hundreds of business ideas and also forums where you can chat to like-minded people and bounce ideas around until you have formed your plan.
Once you have thought of your business idea, you need to research the market and make sure it is viable and there is a need for this business in the area you plan to develop it. You then need to make a business plan and include all your findings from your market research. If you need financial support, you may need to visit the bank and then you are ready to begin your business.
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Talk to people in your area to see how business is for them.  You may
want to put together a loose business plan along with a budget and
include things such as employee salary, cost of inventory and how much
marketing will cost with items.
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I have very small mony and I haven't any idea about the business.

Kindly tell me the right way for my Feature  and any idea to start a small business in india.

I will be wait for your answer.

Dev Chouhan.
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Well! First you should plan where and what you want to start and then you should focus on 'how'. First make a market analysis for the scope of the product and then come up with your budget analysis. Now it's the time to make a business model that would be a complete marketing plan. So, best of luck and you are welcome for further queries on blurtit.
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hello mandy

I was in the same position 4 years ago. before then, I had gone from job to job looking for that perfect dream job, but never found it. I was introduced to network marketing, and I've loved the concept ever since. after I joined my mlm company. I started reading books on how to think which is key. then I watched a show on montell williams, where there was this millionaire that said the top 5 ways to make the most money are
real estate
the stock market
the internet
network marketing or (mlm)
and public speaking

so ever since I've used this as my realm

another blueprint I've used to progress is Robert Kiyosaki's quandrant
s= specialist(doctors, lawyers,accountants, contractors)these were the "a" students in school
i-= investor

as you progress through these levels, you should be able to see a difference in income
so far I've gone from an employee to a contractor, and I've added an internet business to my mlm business to generate additional income

I hope this provides you with some direction
you can also visit my blog at


or my website at
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It depends on a type of business. My startup cost for my business was low to none. But I can only grow from here :). I'm a small business owner who contracts my different IT, and insurance skills for different companies. I often work with the guys from https://thewordpoint.com/services/translation-service/healthcare-translation-services . My business allows me to work whenever I like and I make it honest living, and I can shop from time to time. My last job was making me extremely depressed and I was crying every night They used the risk of the pandemic to make me work more. I don't regret quitting I know not everything is going to be easy but I'm ready to do whatever it takes to put my best foot forward.

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Make your business plan

Be confident in yourself

Hire a coach to feel motivated

I hired an online coach https://timeviewer.tv/ for my conference at work. I can say that all the workers are happy, although I had to stay for three hours after work. I am definitely the best boss.

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