Does Infinity Insurance Cover D.u.i?


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DUI or DWI are an altogether new ball game. If you have insurance it should cover you in an accident and your vehicle but you would need to check your policy and also your State Laws for the full story on any issue related to getting a citation or charge especially if you are at fault as there may be exclusions in the policy as well as nuances in State Laws that could also possible affect your coverage. The first place I would look would be the policy itself for the exact issues you are concerned with for this question.
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Most policy have a language of in commission of a crime exclusion.  Meaning if your behavior was a result of criminal behavior, they could reasonably exclude coverage

Now, as to DUI, it depends what was the damage to persons and property and the level of coverages you had on the policy

BI (Bodily Injury) you cause injury to another person

PD (Property Damage) you damage somebody's property (property or  motorized vehicle)

COLL (Collision) damage you incur to your vehicle needing repair or replacment

As long as you carry these coverages, many times insurance will cover you for such causes as described above unless it could be reasonably proven you purposefully caused such accident without regard

Now will the premium be affected upon renewal?  Most likely.

It takes up to 5 years for insurance to "forgive" and "forget" such incident and will not be acknowledged as washed from your record until the next renewal period of the 5th year

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