What Are The Appropriate Steps To Take When Health Insurance Does Not Cover A Planned Service?


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Before answering your question I would like to know which health insurance plan you were using and what services are you expecting to be covered.

Till that would suggest you talk to your insurance company regarding this and get clear what service are covered and not. Also refer the insurance plan you buy from that particular company and then plan your further steps in such situations.

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Know your insurance policy, understand your options and talk with your doctor.

Doctors view your condition through a medical perspective, though,
not from an insurance standpoint. Since they see patients who have a
variety of insurance providers, they're often not as aware of the
coverage provided by a particular company or plan as patients are -- or
should be.

Insurance policies are geared toward a broad population, so covered
items are based on standard medical procedures for the average patient.
Patients, though, have more alternatives -- and more successes -- in
negotiating healthcare costs and benefits than many realize.

Will a similar test or treatment that is covered by your insurance be just as effective as one that is not

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Read your plan, there should be a way to file a grievance. Then go from there ( many people hire a lawyer. ) do not back down or sign anything until a lawyer has read it

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