Does Medicare Cover Blood Pressure Machines?


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If you are a member of the Medicare Part B program, then yes your Medicare will cover the cost of your blood pressure machine -- that is, assuming that it meets medical standards, that your doctor ordered it for you, and that it relates directly to your medical condition. You might have to argue its necessity, but it shouldn't be much of an issue if you have a valid need for the device. Generally speaking though, blood pressure machines are claimable because they're designed for long-term home use, and because they don't serve a purpose for anyone who isn't sick. If you are not a member of Medicare Part B however, Medicare will not cover the cost of your machine under any circumstance.

Medicare also covers the rental or purchase costs of many other pieces of medical equipment that are necessary to, or simply facilitate, one's good health. Other items included in the Part B program plan are wheelchairs, walkers, braces, dialysis machines, hospital beds, traction equipment, lifts, splints and casts, surgical dressings and ostomy bags. Furthermore, individuals who had to undergo mastectomies are covered for breast protheses, and those who have cataract surgery will be able to pay for one pair of intraocular lens eyeglasses through Medicare.

As with all insurance claims there are rules and limitations, so please don't take this as a blanket answer. As said above, the success of your claim will depend on the nature of your need for your blood pressure machine. Your doctor's suggestion will help your case but it won't necessarily win it for you, as not all need is equal in the eyes of Medicare.

Some people do recommend seeking private insurance to cover these costs. Hopefully it won't be necessary for you and Medicare will cover your blood pressure machine, but it is something to look into should Medicare refuse your claim.
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If your Dr writes an order for it, yes they will pay for it but the insurance employee will need to file it for you.

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