What Are The Problems Faced By Managers Of Icici Bank And Their Remedies?


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Horrible people...they ate my 27k ruppes as penalty.

SR127212325 : Please close my Fixed deposit and credit to my account. Please deduct the penalty charges you mentioned in my email.

Just a note for you, I will be posting this on online forums so that others don't make this mistake and ICICI don't loot money like this one. I found out that HDFC don't have this kind of looting system, so I will close this account sooner. Thanks for your great support in understanding Customer.


-----Reply Separator------Dear Mr. Srinath,

We understand your concern.

However, we will be unable to close the recurring deposit without charging the penalty.

We request you to confirm that we can debit the penalty charges and close your recurring deposit.

For any further queries you can contact us through phone. Our toll free numbers are:

USA: 1 866 ICICI 4 you
UK: 0 8081 314151
Singapore: 800 ICICI 4 you
Canada:1866 ICICI 4 you
India: 1800 22 4848

Non Toll free number:
India: 91- 40 - 2312 8925


Puran Wadhwa -IBG-Mum
Account Manager

Note :Please do not reply to any e-mail that asks you for your bank-account-related information / details. These are called phishing e-mails and are designed with intent to fraudulently capture your bank account and personal details for misuse etc.

Inform us if your contact details have changed.

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Branch Id : 0357  Account Id : 035701075054

Please excuse me for my ignorance of recurring fixed deposit. This was the first time when I opened Fixed deposit in ICICI bank online. Please don't charge me the penalty for closure of this Fixed deposit. Please tell me what other option I have from not getting penalty?


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