What are the problems faced by employees in the organization?


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Hi there,

There are a number of problems that employees could face in an organization. I've listed some of the most common challenges people face in the workplace:

  • Disputes with colleagues
  • Personality clashes
  • Having too much or too little designated work
  • Supervisory conflict with their employees
  • Payment issues where employees are not paid on time or not paid at all
  • Insufficient training to carry out tasks
  • Lack of support from team members or supervisor
  • External personal problems which affect an employees performance
  • Lack of enthusiasm or genuine enjoyment of work

You may experience one or more of these problems in an organisation and it is important to talk to someone if you find that the problems are too hard for you to handle alone.

There could also be external factors which can cause problems for employees, such as: bereavement, terminal illness or depression. 

These problems can affect a person's performance in an organisation. However the majority of problems faced by employees are work related, and originate from in the office.

I hope that helps to answer your question :)

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