How Can Religion Affect Marketing?


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Yes! God has a perfect will for the earth and all of mankind! We  are called to pray for for His will to be done on the earth as it is in Heaven! Luke.11:2.. First of all man must come to the realization that everything belongs to God, including all the money in the stock market! Read 1Kings.20:3..the gold and the silver are Mine!! Man has used and abused and stolen for his own gain! We are seeing great banks, coroperations and business all over the world fall and now are being exposed in their greed! Look at the stock market its up its down we are in a mess and God is exposing it! Read Haggai.2:6-9 God said in the last days He would shake the nations and we are beginning to see that happening now! Don't mess with the living God! God is not mocked! This can be turned around If this nation would turn back to God and His Son! Then He will bless and restore. Read Isaiah chapter. 58.....Genaveve

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