How Does Politics Affect The Marketing Environment Of Nigeria?


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Politics affects the marketing environment of all countries, but Nigeria is particularly affected because of the many bad experiences that marketers have had in the past that have been related to politics. This has resulted in many marketing professionals becoming lethargic and not willing to put themselves out on a limb.

There are, however, more and more people who are taking the issues of marketing much more seriously in Nigeria because of the implications that it has on fundamental things like market growth that will give strength to the growing socio-economy.

There have been calls for professionals to breathe life in the nation's democratic structure in order for marketing to become a vehicle for building a stronger and more stable country.

There are many papers that have been written on all aspects of Nigeria's produce and how it can be marketed successfully so that the country and individuals can prosper. For examples of these, have a look at this website:

This site is concentrating on facilitating communication between different sectors and those who are interested in Nigerian market issues, particularly on the formal and informal institutions and organizations that currently shape Nigerian marketing.

They explore the need for understanding transport markets, and how efficient these are in an attempt to improve market access. They are also looking at urban food markets and how these can benefit the suppliers with food that is of good quality at prices that they can afford, whilst also being able to supply other markets so that all consumers are benefitting.

The site also looks at understanding the linkages between different markets, such as transport markets, labor markets, food markets and credit markets and making sure that they are taken seriously by informal and formal organizations and that politics aids rather than hinders.

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