How can i stop paper Post Office card account Statements?


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All you need to do is get in touch with the post office. If you are using an online account then a lot of the time you will be asked whether you want to continue using a paper bank statement. The reason you will be asked this as it can save paper, and save the post office money in sending it out to you.

Many people prefer to see their bank account online, anyway. You can use your online account and the settings pages found within it to decide whether you want your paper card account statements anymore. It should be relatively easy to do online, but if you still can't work it out then you may just want to get in touch with them over the phone using a phone number from their 'contact us' page.

  • Advantage of paper bank statement
Many people stick to using paper statements because this is what they're used to. They're really easy to file and store in a cabinet, and some people just prefer having something that's tangible to use. In the unlikely event that you need to access your bank account, and there's a power cut, you at least know that you can access the information you need by going to your paper statement.

  • Disadvantage of paper bank statement
A major disadvantage of paper bank statements is the environmental impact which we mentioned earlier. The paper, ink, and energy used to create the statements can leave an impact on the environment and leaves a carbon footprint. By using the computer you are not using paper and you are not using energy to create it - instead you are only using energy to run the computer. Paper bank statements are not environmentally friendly and can easily be replaced by electronic versions sent by email.

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