I Have A Post Office Card Account Can I View My Balance Online?


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No, you will not be able to view a Post Office Card Account balance online. Withdrawals and balance enquiries can only be made over a Post Office counter or through a Post Office branded ATM, of which there are roughly 1,800 across the UK. The Post Office Card Account (POCA) was set up by the government as a basic account that can be used predominantly for the payment of benefits, state pensions and tax credit payments. The account is useful for people who do not have, or do not want a bank account as an outlet by which benefits and credits can still be paid. The account can be opened with no credit checks and has no overdraft facility. It will therefore not charge you for any withdrawals. It also boasts the facility to order a second card for a second person to pick up money on your behalf. As it only offers basic facilities, it does not work in the same way as a more traditional card based banking account, hence only being available to view through Post Office outlets. The Post Office does offer accounts that can be used online, such as the Online Saver, which is managed solely online, and may be a more appropriate account for those wishing to keep track of their account over the internet.
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I have forgotten my pin number to my card how do I go on ?
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If you open the web bank ,you can view you balance online.

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