How Can I Track A Money Order Down That's Been Stolen With No Money Order Number?


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I can be of help because I just went through this and its been a nightmare. I lost 2 money order in a store and luckily I knew the owner( not important,really) and he went on line and printed the paper I needed to send in since I didn't have them. He printed out the receipt that included the money orders, he also put the money orders#'s  and the amount on the paper.

I had to go to a notary( which I knew) and she had to notarized at the bottom and I had to purchase 2  $ 15 money orders to cover the fee for both. I call the company within a week and they did receive my money orders which were cashed within 5 days. I had to wait at least 30 days for them to get more info. I kept calling them every 2 weeks. So they did mail the info and the copies of the money orders and who sign them  and where they were cash came with it. To my surprise the girl was someone that is always in the paper for drunk driving or stealing, etc. The law enforcement in my area knew who she was.

I am now waiting to hear from them on what will be done and how to get my money, what was sad it was my b'day and I just cry when I got home that day because I have never lost a money order. I don't want to press charges because she has problems but I want my money my money orders were 158.00 all together but with the fees I was out of almost $ 200.

Just go back to the store where you purchase them and maybe its not been too long of a time, and Shaquan I wish you great success on this people don't realizes that you had to use money to buy this money order and its wasn't their money.
Please keep in touch let me know how it went.
CHanging 2

Luckily, again I knew the notary and
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I have a been paying my car payments with money orders from money grams. My problems is I'm nit getting credit for my payments from the company I bought the car from. How can I track my money orders down. I do have all my receipts with the numbers on them some go back to 2007 till now 2009. Please help.

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