Where do I get my unemployment statements from 2010 year?


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  • What is an Unemployment Certificate?
Your unemployment certificate details the receipts of any individual who received unemployment insurance and benefits for the previous calendar year.

Unemployment insurance is given to a person who is out of work through no fault of their own, and are looking, willing and actively searching for work.

  • When will I receive my Unemployment Certificate?
The Division of Unemployment Insurance demands fairness and integrity from its employees, and seeks to provide the out of work with a dependable and quality of service.

In most cases your unemployment statement will be automatically sent out to you. If you have been collecting unemployment benefits your statement, also known as a 1099-G will be sent out by the Department of Labor the proceeding January.

By law a unemployment certificate must be sent out by the 31st January, therefore you should have received your Unemployment Statement for 2010 in January 2011.

If this has not arrived a duplicate can be ordered by contacting your city or states Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR).

  • How to contact the DLLR
Your nearest DLLR can be found by visiting the official Department of Labor (DOL) national website, www.dol.gov.

You may also use this website to find out more information on receiving and completing your 1099-G and other tax related forms. Furthermore the official DOL site has a vast array of contact numbers should you need any further help.

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