Can I Print Out My Unemployment Benefits Year To Date Information?


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It is unclear whether this information is available online or not. It may be protected for security and data protection reasons to prevent others from accessing your personal information. There are no obvious specific links or websites that enable you to get this information at the click of a button, so the best line of action would be to get in touch with your State Unemployment Office. If you are able to print out the information, they will be able to advise you of a suitable link to follow.  Alternatively, they may be able to send you out the information you need via the post.
This information would usually be sent out to you on a regular basis in order for you to have a copy of your own benefit records, so have a look around the house as you may have left it somewhere.
The Department of Labor’s Call Center may also be able to assist you as this service can offer you expert advice on issues such as unemployment benefits, job training and layoffs. This is a toll-free service and you can get in touch by calling 1-877-US-2JOBS.
Alternatively, the Career One Stop may be able to answer any queries you have regarding your unemployment benefits. Visit the following link, where you will also be able to find useful information on job hunting and interview techniques: 
Individuals making a fresh claim for unemployment benefits will need to supply details of how much benefits they received in the previous year. These payments are paid by the state in which they live or other authorized bodies and can only be eligible for those people who are currently unemployed. The amount a person receives will be determined by their own personal circumstances and will take into account issues such as whether the individual has dependants.

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