How to make a good maintenance service proposal?


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A good maintenance proposal can mean the difference between updating your business or company and being stuck in the dark ages. Here are some tips on writing a strong maintenance proposal.

• Be specific

Exactly what aspect of your business, company or department needs to be serviced or updated? For example, don't just say that the finance department needs new computers - say that the finance department needs 12 new computers with wi-fi internet access, the latest version of your business's preferred software package and dual core quantum processors. By doing your research and finding out exactly what and how much of an update your company or business requires, your  maintenance service proposal, and therefore your cause, will appear legitimate and worthy of investment and servicing.

• Be realistic

There's no point in asking for one hundred of the latest Apple computers if your department has been given a budget of $5000. You need to spend time researching exactly what money can be invested in your cause, and plan carefully within this budget in order to create a solid and well-planned proposal. In addition, you need to think about elements such as how long the servicing or update will take. Don't be overly optimistic about the time-scale you want to work to - being realistic will create less pressure and increase the likelihood that the service is carried out properly.

• Be persuasive

State exactly how this maintenance or update will benefit your company. It's no good saying "we need new computers because the ones we have are old". A powerful statement such as "we need new computers in order to work more quickly, efficiently and effectively". You need to be prepared for questioning, too - if your update or servicing will be expensive, the people at the top will want to know that their money is being well spent.

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